As a business owner you make decisions every day with respect to the operations of your business.  Are they based on quality, accurate and timely financial information or are they based on a "Gut Feel" approach to business?

Although many business owners do not have the time or staff to complete their regular books and records on a timely basis, having this information available throughout the year is vital to the success of your business.  Should you go ahead with that new advertising campaign?  What were my revenues and cash flows at this time last year?  How much did I spend on that last project?  Having this information enables you to make quality decisions going forward so that you run your business at its most effective and efficient levels.

Accounting servcies available include:
Financial statement presentation and analysis (interim or annual)

Bookkeeping (Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annual)

Cashflow, forecast, projection and budget preparation

Annual accounting packages prepared for review and audit engagerments by other firms

General ledger review, set-up and customization